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About Us

Our club was started in 1972 by a group of 7 members, some of whom are still in the organization today.  The current clubhouse is the result of two expansions since the original building was constructed, with the latest expansion being completed in 2017.  

We have two layouts (and a soon to built ceiling track to run G Scale trains), with the first being a HO Layout that is dated to run from the time era of 50s to 60s featuring steam and first generation diesel locomotives. The concept of the HO Scale permanent layout is based on a railroad that runs from Southern Alberta through the mountainous area of British Columbia to a coastal port. The track work and switches are 90% hand laid. The main line is approx. 300', single track with passing sidings and a branch line. The scenery is over 80% complete and includes a variety of mountains, hills, city, small town, and port scenes. The layout is operated with digital command control (DCC) with realistic signalling and the ability to run with a central dispatcher (CTC).

The second layout, in N Scale, is the combination of a 4 x 16 foot portable layout that can be transported to model railway shows and a 7 x 21 foot permanent layout.  As it is more of a showcase layout, the portable section is designed for multiple trains running through a combination of urban and rural scenes.  The permanent layout (running but under construction) is a single track line running through rugged mountain terrain to showcase how grand scenery can dwarf the trains in smaller scales.

There are about 20 to 30 members that are part of the club. We have our get together every Tuesday night from 7:00 till 9:00. Every person has something different to put into the club, be it wiring, scenery, structures, operations, even fixing and building locos and freight cars, there are even members that just love to come and run trains. Every one is welcome to stop in and meet the members and see the layouts.


Membership Benefits:

- providing 'how to' modelling clinics'

- model railroad operations

- hosting community groups

- attending regional railway and historical events

- participation in modelling activities

- interaction with other model railroad organizations

- regularly scheduled open houses

- attending and hosting conventions

- supporting participation in the National Model Railroad Association

- email to for information and membership costs

2024 Yearly Membership Rates
Adult $180.00
Student $60.00
Junior $60.00
Associate $60.00

Note: A standard SAMRC year begins September 1st and ends August 31st. Memberships purchased after September are pro-rated on a monthly basis.

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